History of the college


The Army War College Nigeria (AWCN) was established on 28 February 2017 and conceptualized to develop the capacity of Nigerian Army (NA) officers in Operational art including Campaign  Planning (Campaign Design) and management of war (Campaign Management) as well as the development of basic strategic skills. The College is, therefore, envisioned to build professionals who are proficient at deterring and prosecuting war, where deterrence fails.

The AWCN is the premier NA educational institution concentrating on operational art, military leadership, strategy, and inter-agency cooperation. It conducts professional military education for officers to prepare them for responsibilities in current and future operational leadership positions. It also builds capacities for the efficient development and employment of land power in complex, joint, multi-national, and inter-agency environments. The College is a center of excellence where participants write analytic papers on key military strategies as well as policies in support of NA strategic efforts and activities. This is in line with the vision of the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lt Gen TY Buratai, which is “To have a professionally responsive NA in the discharge of its constitutional roles.”

The College’s curriculum is designed to prepare senior military officers for responsibilities at the operational level. To this end, the curriculum attempts to bridge the observed knowledge gaps between operational and strategic levels by developing participants’ skills in Operational Art, Operational Design, Campaign Planning, Decision Making Strategy Process as well as the Theories of War. This was with a view to enhancing the capacity of future leaders of the NA in the successful employment of land power in a joint, multinational and inter-agency environment.



  • Chief of Army Staff – Chairman
  • Director Army MOD – Member
  • Commander TRADOC – Member
  • Chief of Training  (Army) -Member
  • Commandant Army War College Nigeria – Member
  • Director  Legal Services (Army) – Member
  • Deputy Commandant/Director of Studies – Secretary


  • Maj Gen BA Alabi – Commandant
  • Brig Gen UM Alkali – Deputy Commandant/Director of Studies
  • Brig Gen MT Aminu – Director of Administration and Logistics
  • Brig Gen UG Yusuf – Directing Staff
  • Brig Gen IB Manjang – Directing Staff
  • Brig Gen AM Grema – Director of Coordination
  • Brig Gen SS Diwa – Directing Staff
  • Brig Gen TJ Mackintosh – Directing Staff
  • Brig Gen MO Ibrahim – Director War and Strategy
  • Brig Gen UV Unachukwu – Directing Staff
  • Brig Gen OM Oyekola – Director HMS and Inter-Agency Relation
  • Brig Gen S Ahmed – Directing Staff
  • Brig Gen GG Shipi – Librarian
  • Brig Gen EM Albara – Directing Staff
  • Cdre VD Choji – Directing Staff
  • Air Cdre EO Oluokun – Directing Staff
  • Col WA Bakare – Directing Staff
  • Col MC Akin-Ojo – Directing Staff
  • Col AM Turkur – Directing Staff
  • Col OI Odigie – Directing Staff
  • Col SA Abimbola -SO1 Coordination
  • Col DA Mohammed – Acting Director of  Finance
  • Col AO Sofoluwe – Director Curriculum Development
  • Maj IS Kar – MA -Comdt
  • Maj P Garuba – Librarian
  • Maj GY Audu  – AG SO1 Admin
  • Maj UH Mohammad- AG SO2 Finance
  • Maj M Maidawa – PRO
  • Capt NG Shigaba – ADC – Comdt
  • Capt BN Aja – AG CO MIR
  • Lt GB Azi – Cat Offr
  • LT OG Akaniro – SOPT
  • Dr Saleh Moses – Research fellow
  • Dr Joel Ebute – Research fellow

The AWCN is the premier NA educational institution concentrating on operational art, military leadership, strategy, and inter-agency cooperation.


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